Morphing Into a Valentine’s Fan

I don’t buy into the craziness of Valentine’s Day. I get something for the kids so they wake up to a card (yep – I have a  problem with cards too) and little treat. But, that’s usually where the Valentine’s celebration ends. I think it’s a pretty silly day.


My husband decided to spoil me a little this year.

Last week, I was snappy with everyone. I’m not a talker by nature – I tend to let my irritation, sadness or anger fester. It’s not a good quality and I’m trying to unwind the unhealthiness with my kids. Within my little four-pod, we’re pretty good; in our home, emotions are never embarrassing and talking through things is the norm. But, that doesn’t stop me from falling into old habits and stewing every once in a while.

My husband, fortunately, is more emotionally intelligent than I, so he gave me the opportunity to unload by making time for us to sit together.

I felt immediate relief and have enjoyed the added bonus of a little pampering since, including the flowers and card pictured above.

The (seriously amazing) card didn’t change my opinion of this commercial day, but my husband’s words later in the evening made me desire Valentine’s Day every day.

After a wonderful dinner (that he made), he disappeared upstairs. When I followed a few minutes later, the bath was steaming and candles were lit. “I’m locking the door,” he said as he left the room. From the other side of the locked door came the sexiest words I’d ever heard:

“Kids, you come and get me if you need anything. Do. Not. Bother. Your. Mom.”

Nineteen years married and I fell in love with him all over again Valentine’s Day, 2017.




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