Listening to Clever


On long drives growing up, my mom would listen to country music while my dad’s choice was usually talk radio. I strongly disliked both. Although, I will admit to a short-lived crush on Garth Brooks and knowing all of the words to Friends in Low Places.

More difficult to admit is that over time I also garnered a pretty deep appreciation of Randy Travis’ baritone.

As a kid, I always thought music would be my indicator of age – I would know I was officially old when I started to enjoy country music.  I never even bothered to entertain the idea that I would ever listen to, let alone like, talk radio.

Decades (cough-choke-sputter) have passed and country music has never become more than a nostalgic song or two I find myself humming. Talk radio? Well, that’s now a fairly constant staple on long drives. Podcasts?  Love ’em.

In the car a lot this past week, I listened to three podcasts from TED Radio Hour. They were fascinating and prompted me to want to dig deeper – learn more – especially one titled Beyond Tolerance (below).

Using my childhood age benchmarks, I’ve skipped right over old. I’ve entered a realm I don’t have a name for but pretty sure as a kid I probably just called it Boring.

So many clever people worth listening to:

TED Radio Hour: Beyond Tolerance (April 22, 2106)

TED Radio Hour:  Amateur Hour (September 23, 2016)

TED Radio Hour: Nudge (June 24, 2016)

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