No Wingsuit Flying Here


I will never put on one of those flying squirrel suits and jump off a cliff.  Should you ever see me with any such suit, please intervene – something is terribly wrong.

My idea of adventure is much more subdued.

My adventures include long walks, getting lost in thought as I watch clouds pass overhead, exploring, and venturing a smidge outside my comfort zone in some way.

Finding a beautiful stone or perfectly preserved fallen leaf just before snowfall – those are are the gifts of my adventures.

When I made a fairly significant life change a few months back, I used the word adventure when people asked what I was doing. The word became my undoing as I tried to figure out how I could live up to the grand adventures of must-watch TV.  But I’ve started to remove the heft of the word and live in my own definition.

My idea of adventure may not be the stuff of good television or, frankly, good writing but they’re my grand adventures and that’s the stuff happiness is made of.

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