Writing and the Stink of Forgotten Laundry

I'm having a terrible time writing today. Write. Delete. Write. Delete. I write four posts that I’m not happy with. The concepts are okay but the execution is lacking, none of them feel finished. I try to edit but that doesn't go well -- my inner Mean Editor Lady screams for me to trash it. … Continue reading Writing and the Stink of Forgotten Laundry

It’s All In How You Think About It

I am a forty-year-old woman sitting in the library, writing. I alternate between daydreaming and racing to scribble down ideas before they're lost like wisps of smoke to the wind. I feel the heft of recent life changes -- specifically, my focus on writing -- so intensely some days that I can't summon any words. But, today I … Continue reading It’s All In How You Think About It

A Mostly Postless March

I've had a lot of time to ponder life recently, thanks to a mild case of middle of the night insomnia. I looked it up - it's a real thing, complete with its own abbreviation: MOTN. It's also referred to as middle insomnia, which is the name I like best – like Middle-earth only less exciting and more … Continue reading A Mostly Postless March

Great TV, Grief, and Sharing Our Stories

I'm in love with This Is Us. In love. At the end of each episode, I'm usually muttering ‘…such a stupid show’ through tears as I bemoan having to wait another week for more. Months ago, my sister told me about a video she’d seen online about a family losing their pet. It brought us … Continue reading Great TV, Grief, and Sharing Our Stories

Morphing Into a Valentine’s Fan

I don't buy into the craziness of Valentine's Day. I get something for the kids so they wake up to a card (yep - I have a  problem with cards too) and little treat. But, that's usually where the Valentine's celebration ends. I think it's a pretty silly day. Except... My husband decided to spoil … Continue reading Morphing Into a Valentine’s Fan

I’ve Been Reading

With so many books on my To Read shelf-turned-shelves, I made a(n empty) promise that I wouldn't buy any more novels for a while. Alas, I didn't even make it through January before I bought a book...okay, books. One purchase was a textbook though, so I don't think it should count, but there's no excuse for the other one (fine -- … Continue reading I’ve Been Reading